Premium Quality White Marble from India

Quarrying of White Marble in India started way back in the ’80s, but the actual production and leasing systems started in the year 1991, due to the change of Government policies hundreds of quarries opened in this year. The quarrying was done by manual machines but later on, all quarries were mechanized using Italian technologies and machinery.  At the moment hundreds of Indian White Marble quarries are operating and producing premium quality white. We are producing and exporting the following varieties in White :

  • Fantasy White
  • Arna White
  • Banswara White
  • Bruno White
  • Mercury White
  • Nizarna White
  • Lady Onyx

All quarries of marble are in the Rajasthan State of India. Rajasamand, Udaipur, Banswara, and Ajmer districts are famous for producing premium quality exportable white from India. There are also many other types of marble available, but we are discussing here only the white marbles, which are being exported from India.

Fantasy White

Fantasy White is a light-colored variety of Fantasy Brown Granite. This marble is a dolomitic stone that takes excellent polishing. You can buy this beautiful marble in slabs and tiles from us. The Fantasy White is available with us in different sizes such as slabs, strips, tiles, and countertops. The price for strips and tiles are very much affordable. The tiles and strips can be used for large area flooring and commercial Kitchen Tops.


Arna White is an immensely popular marble in India. This marble has a bright white background with black and green veins in the pattern. Arna White is one of the most used flooring colors in India. We have Arna White slabs and big strips available in different sizes. We also cut this beautiful marble in calibrated and non calibrated tiles. You can buy Arna White with slabs and tiles of green marble, rainforest marble, and other north Indian natural stones.


Banswara White is one of the first marble from India, which has been exported. The Banswara White resembles premium Statuario and Venetino marble from Italy. The popular trade name of this marble is Crema Venato Marble. You can buy Banswara White in Slabs, cut to sizes, Kitchen tops and calibrated tiles formate. The tiles of this beautiful marble are very much in demand and you can use tiles in backsplash and bathroom cladding as the replacement of Italian White.


Bruno White is a premium marble from Rajasthan, India. The Bruno white is also called as Bruno White Granite sometimes. We can cut this marble in vein-cut as well as crosscut. the other name of Bruno White is Raymond white. Big slabs of this material are very expensive, while the smaller sizes are very cheap in price. We make both sizes in the Bruno white. Quarries of this marble are in the Banswara district of Rajasthan. You can buy slabs, tiles, and countertops in Bruno White from us.


Mercury White is a white and black marble from India. The marble has a white background with a black, brown and grey pattern. This is a premium marble from India, and very popular in the domestic market. The other name of this marble is Mercury White Granite. These marble quarries are in the Rajasmand district of Rajasthan. This is a useful marble for Kitchen Tops, Flooring, wall tiles, and backsplash tiles. We process this marble in slabs, tiles, and small strips.


Nizarna White is white beige marble. Quarries of this marble are in Rajasamand district of Rajasthan. This is a bright marble with dark black veins in the pattern. Nizarna marble is very famous for its polishing and strength. This is a very hard and durable marble. There are plenty of sizes available in Nizarna White. We can cut slabs in big, small and strip sizes as well as high quality plain white tiles. We remove the black lines while cutting the tiles so it becomes plain white tiles. You can buy all types of sizes in Nizarna White from us.


Lady Onyx is a marble from India. This is more of a hard Soapstone found in the Hills of Arawali mountain range in Udaipur. This beautiful marble is a popular choice for Bathroom flooring and wall cladding. The Lady onyx is available with us in all sizes. We make calibrated tiles and cut to sizes in this material for our export clients. You can buy slabs, tiles, strips and cut to size material in Lady Onyx from us.


The White Marble from India are durable and beautiful in pattern and color, likewise the colored marble from India. The price range of these marbles are one of the lowest in the world, even more, the quality is superb and meet the International standards.  You can buy and mix all these marbles together in one container. You have the liberty to choose different sizes in Indian Marble. We can also supply these marble in 1.5 thickness and 1 cm thickness for wall cladding and tiles.

There are many types of marble available in India, we tried to mix up the best white from India in this post. If you want to see more white marble, you can follow the link


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