Pros and Cons of Rubber Flooring Tile

Rubber tile flooring refers to the floor tiling made up of virgin rubber, synthetic rubber or recycled rubber material. They are extremely versatile and used for gym flooring. Generally found as square pieces, they are also used for playground and outdoor flooring. They are generally available as interlocking tiles and basic rolls. So, before applying to your house, consider which suits you best. Commonly, it has a thickness of 8 mm. Several other varieties of varying thickness and density are also found. It is generally, used in high traffic environment and for commercial purposes.

So, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of rubber flooring tile:-


  • Durability
    Rubber flooring tile is mostly used in high traffic areas due to its durability. It can last up to 20 years. It is mostly used in gyms and other athletic spaces because of its long-lasting nature and resistance to tough workouts. Unlike other floor coverings, it does not dent, scuff, tear or wears.
  • Feels soft underfoot
    It is most favoured for gyms because it is resilient and soft under the foot. Standing for long hours barefoot does not cause foot aches or joint pain like hard floorings of tiles and marble.
  • Easy maintenance
    It can be easily cleaned. It is resistant to water and stains. This is because it does not stain or cause dirt to build up. Just wipe off spills and sweep out dirt. And also if damage occurs only that single piece needs to be replaced rather than the whole floor.
  • Easy to install and recyclable
    It is comparatively lightweight. Thus, it becomes quick and easy to install, without the hassle of adhesives. This is because of their interlocking nature; no adhesive is required to fix them.
  • Versatile
    It is available in numerous colours, designs, textures, flat or patterned and tile or sheet versions. Choose the best fit for you from the multitude of ranges.
  • Antimicrobial and hypoallergic
    It is resistant to fire and is non-toxic if burned. It is also naturally resistant to fungus, moulds and other allergens. Thus, it is extremely good for people with asthma and other chronic problems.
  • Incredible sound dampening qualities
    It does not cause the sound of walking, nor does it cause any echo to loud noises. This is because rubber is an excellent noise insulator.


  •  The Smell in the first couple of months after installation
  •  Mostly they don’t have the right look for your space
  •  Quite expensive

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