Step by Step Guide to Check Quality of Black Galaxy Granite

Black Galaxy granite is a stone with different types of varieties. This is a very difficult stone for a new buyer. If you are planning to buy Black Galaxy Granite, it is really very important for you to check the quality of the material you are getting.

Black Galaxy granite, originating from the quarries of India and processed within the country, is a stone of exceptional allure. Its quality, though, is not immediately apparent upon merely inspecting the raw block. To truly discern and secure the desired quality of Black Galaxy granite, a meticulous advanced inspection process becomes paramount.

Delving into the process of evaluating Black Galaxy granite quality, several key considerations come to light. Factors such as color consistency, uniformity of flecks, and the presence of undesirable elements like cracks or impurities play a pivotal role in determining the granite’s quality.

Begin with a visual examination to assess the color consistency throughout the stone. The mesmerizing specks of golden or white crystals against the dark backdrop should be evenly distributed, creating a harmonious and visually appealing pattern.

A tactile inspection is equally crucial, as it helps identify any surface irregularities, such as cracks or fissures. Run your hand over the surface to ensure it is smooth and free from imperfections that could affect both aesthetics and durability.

Finally, consult with experts or suppliers who specialize in Black Galaxy granite. Their knowledge and experience can provide valuable insights into sourcing the highest quality granite that meets your specific project requirements.

In conclusion, while Black Galaxy granite from India boasts exceptional beauty, a thorough and advanced quality inspection process is essential to ensure that the stone meets your expectations for both aesthetics and durability. Here we will check the quality of Black Galaxy Granite in Step by Step:-

Quality Checking in Black Galaxy Granite Slabs

Checking the slab size of the Black Galaxy Granite.

Slabs are the material which has random sizes, in the Galaxy Granite there are the following types of slabs available :

  • 50 cm up x 140 cm up Random Slabs
  • 65 cm up x 180 cm up Random Slabs
  • 65-90 cm x 240 cm up Random Slabs
  • 150 cm up x 260 cm up Random Slabs
  • 180 cm to 210 cm x 280 to 330 cm Random Slabs

Smaller slabs are always cheaper than bigger and longer slabs. The general size of standard quality slabs is 65 cm up x 180 cm up in counter slabs and 180 cm up x 280 cm up in slabs cut from Gangsaw machines.

Thickness Variation

The slab and tiles of Black Galaxy Granite are available in 2 cm and 3 cm thickness. Before the multi-blade small cutter, which cuts counter size slabs of Black Galaxy Granite, the general thickness variation was 2 to 3 mm in the thickness. Since counter slabs are generally used for making kitchen countertops, so there was not a big issue regarding the thickness. But after the multi-blade cutter, the variation is around 1 mm. If there is much variation in thickness, then the price goes down.

Variation in Galaxy Pattern


The Black Galaxy Granite has a lot of variety available with the variation in galaxy patterns, for more information, please visit the Black Galaxy Granite product page here. The lesser variation goes to high prices. This is a little bit difficult process just like checking the lines in the material. It needs a little bit extra knowledge of the granite.

Line Checking

Lines plays a major role in deciding the price of the Black Galaxy Granite. There are many types of lines that appear in the galaxy material. You can determine the quality of black galaxy granite by the number of lines that appear in the material. The first choice material does not have any line and the commercial-quality materials have several black and white lines in the material.

Bend in slabs

Bends are very bad for any type of material, not only the Black Galaxy Granite. Bends are an example of poor processing of the material. You can check the bend in the Galaxy Granite by putting a scale of 3 foot on the backside of the material.

Quality Checking in Black Galaxy Granite Tiles

Right Angle Cutting

Tiles are generally of good quality due to the sorting, but sometimes even the good materials have the problem with the right angle of the tiles. If the tiles are not cut properly, they may have the right angle problem. The right angle problem is as big as the bending problem in slabs. To avoid such a problem, we cut our all materials on automated double disc machines. These machines enable us to achieve a 90-degree angle.


Edges of Galaxy Tiles have the problem of chipping. Chipped tiles look very ugly from the edges. This problem happens due to poor processing and packing. As we cut the tiles on automatic machines, we do not face such problems, apart from that we make sure during the packing, that you receive a first-class packed material in your consignments. We do not load loose tiles.


The polishing of Galaxy Granite tiles are done on Automatic machines, so there is no chance of bad polishing. You can achieve very good polishing on the single head polishers as well, but then you need to apply all the abrasives on the material. The process of a single head is very slow compared to multi-head polishing machines.

Galaxy tiles do not have a problem regarding lines since line material is removed from loading. But if somebody looking for less price galaxy granite, he can certainly buy less priced material with lines, galaxy variation, and uneven thickness material.

If you find any other problem in the galaxy material, you can write to us at, we will surely note your concern and publish it on our website.