Granite is considered one of the most popular natural stones, which is widely used for construction purposes by construction companies. All over the world, there are around 100 different design patterns, shades, color combinations. Regarded as one of the most durable stones and a great choice for construction purposes, they have the properties like strengths and resistance to acids/ alkalis & the ability to resist in extremely high and low temperatures. 

Top 5 Unique Tips for Granite Selection

If maintained properly, granite lasts for decades & never loses shininess, Thus it is necessary to choose granite wisely.

Below are the tips for selecting the best granite for various applications.

1. Visit a Granite Showroom & Collect Sample

Looking for granite, then a granite showroom is a great place to find granite under a single roof. At the Granite showroom, you can choose the best color and design of granite that matches the space. After visiting the granite showroom gather a variety of samples from the showroom that can be placed in the room and can easily compare different samples & further choose the best contrasting shades that match with the place where installation is done.

2. Decide the best sample by undergoing two tests

Before deciding the best sample, it was suggested to undergo two tests for making the selection.

Porosity test – Pour a few drops of water on the surface of the sample, sit for about 15mins then clean the water with a paper towel. If you find any trace behind the tested sample then it is highly porous & cannot be considered in water absorption capacity.

Acid resistance test – Keep a lemon overnight on the edge of the sample. If you find dullness in its shine or appearance then the granite sample is not suitable for long-term use on kitchen countertops.

Use the measuring tape, make the final decision & calculate the length and width of the granite countertop for which the granite is required.

3. Search for the granite fabricator and collects the estimates

Refer to directories, internet research, personal referrals to locate the granite fabricator in your city or town.

While collecting the estimates discuss two things with the fabricator,

Selecting the edge that suits you the best from the different edge available in the market & asked the fabricator whether the chosen edge is available with the fabricator.

Discuss the type of faucet & sink you are planning to buy with the fabricator as these will enable you to estimate the cost of fabrication.

4. Visit the granite yard and reviewing the Estimation the best Fabricator

By visiting the granite yard you get to know about the quality, quantity & variety of granite available with the fabricator.

While selecting the best Granite fabricator factor like price, quality of material, and fabrication are to be considered.

5. Confirm the fabricator’s warranty policy

Thoroughly check the warranty policy and conditions under which the policy is applicable usually many fabricators offer a life-long warranty on workmanship.


Hope these top 5 unique tips will help you to select the best granite available. 

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