Top 10 Granite for Flooring : Embrace Timeless Opulence

Granite, a timeless and robust material, boasts both durability and a luxurious sheen. It stands as one of the oldest stones used for creating resilient flooring surfaces. When you choose granite for your floors, you introduce a touch of grandeur to your home or office space. This versatile material can be elegantly installed in various settings, including offices, homes, porches, parking areas, and even around swimming pools, offering different finishing options to suit your preferences.

Typically, granite flooring is crafted using tiles measuring 60x30x2/3 cm or 60x60x2/3 cm in size. The choice of granite is a critical factor in determining the overall beauty of your flooring. It’s essential to select granite with minimal pattern variation, as excessive variation can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your floor.

To assist you in making the best choice for your flooring needs, we have meticulously curated a selection of top-quality granite options. Our selection criteria are based on factors such as availability, pattern uniformity, and competitive pricing.

List of Top 10 Popular Granites for Flooring:

  • P White
  • Rosy Pink
  • Chima Pink
  • Crystal Yellow
  • Crystal Blue
  • GD Brown
  • Black Markino
  • Kotda Black
  • Desert Green
  • Imperial Red

P White

Platinum White Granite, a testament to nature’s artistry, emerges as a timeless beauty from India. This exquisite stone, with its serene white hues, effortlessly marries elegance and affordability. Praised for its exceptional durability, it demands minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for larger flooring projects. Platinum White Granite is renowned for its consistent pattern, sparing you the need for sealing. Its innate ability to achieve a brilliant polish sets it apart. We keep in stock sizes such as 60×30 and 60×60 cm. Generally it takes 2 weeks to prepare other floor sizes in this material. Platinum White Granite proves to be the ideal selection for those in pursuit of both premium quality and budget-conscious solutions.

Rosy Pink

Rosy Pink Granite, hailing from India, is an exceptional blend of affordability and beauty. Renowned for its impressive durability, it ranks as a low-maintenance choice. This versatile granite can be elegantly employed for expansive flooring projects, thanks to its robust nature. What truly sets Rosy Pink apart is its remarkable uniformity, eliminating the need for sealing. Furthermore, it readily takes on a lustrous polish. Typically available in tile sizes of 60×30 and 60×60 cm, Rosy Pink Granite stands as the ideal choice for those seeking a premium material that aligns perfectly with budget-conscious requirements.

Chima Pink

Chima pink granite is a beautiful natural stone known for its beautiful pink color. This versatile granite is available in 60x60cm, 60x30cm, 60x120cm and 80x120cm. Available in 2 cm and 3 cm thickness options, Chima Pink Granite provides durability and design simplicity.

The stone is precisely cut using state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring consistency and quality. Its surface is then perfected with sophisticated threading machines, giving it a sophisticated look. Chima pink granite is a testament to the seamless blend of natural beauty and modern technology, making it the ideal choice for your design projects.

Crystal Yellow

Crystal Yellow granite flooring is a testament to affordable elegance. Originating from the state of Gujarat, this Indian granite has a beautiful golden color that exudes warmth and sophistication. Available in a variety of styles, from bookmatched slabs to versatile tile flooring for a unique, simple look.

What sets it apart is its low cost without compromising on its quality. Crystal Yellow Granite is carefully cut and polished using modern techniques, resulting in a perfectly polished finish and high-gloss finish. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution or a distinctive design statement, this granite style offers a harmonious blend of affordability and style.

Crystal Blue

Crystal Blue granite flooring is an example of affordable luxury. This attractive stone with a cool blue tone offers elegant luxury at an affordable price. Made in random slabs and tiles, it offers flexibility in design and placement.

The inexpensive Crystal Blue Granite doesn’t compromise on quality; it is cut in shapes that enhance her natural beauty. Whether you choose a random slab to create a unique, flowing design or choose tiles for a more traditional look, this granite promises to elevate your space without breaking the bank Enjoy the charm of Crystal Blue Granite flooring without the hefty price tag..

GD Brown

GD Brown Granite is a remarkable flooring choice, offering both tiles and slabs that stand out as level 1 granite. Sourced from the rich quarries of Gujarat, this stone is skillfully processed in Udaipur, India.

What sets GD Brown Granite apart is its exquisite combination of brown and green tones, creating a captivating interplay of colors. Its versatility allows for the creation of captivating designs in any space. With quality that meets level 1 granite standards, GD Brown Granite offers a perfect blend of elegance and durability. Elevate your interior with this Gujarat-born beauty, a testament to natural artistry and precision craftsmanship.

Black Marquino

Marquino black granite tiles and slabs epitomize the inexpensive elegance of the flooring. Characterized by a rich black color scheme, it creates an elegant and elegant atmosphere in any space.

These granite tiles and tiles offer a unique opportunity to transform your floor into a masterpiece without a fancy price tag. The deep and rich shade of Black Markino Granite adds depth and character to any room, making it perfect for timeless dark floors Whether you choose tile or slab, this granite exudes luxury time which remains budget friendly, and gives you a beautiful and distinctive floor that Will not break the bank.

Kotda Black / Majestic Black

Kotda Black Granite, commonly known as Majestic Black Granite, is an elegant choice for flooring. Available in 60x30x2 cm and 60x60x2 cm tiles, and random slabs which are amazing, it gives design versatility and practicality.

This dark and sophisticated stone infuses any space with an air of luxury and timeless elegance. The rich, deep color of Kotda Black Granite adds sophistication, making it sought-after for those looking for royal flooring solutions Whether you prefer flat wood or unique random stripes, this granite transform your floor into a work of art that expresses beauty

Desert Green Flooring

Green desert granite floors offer affordable luxury. Carefully culled from the hot quarries of Rajasthan, the stone has been processed using modern machinery, to ensure precision and quality. Available in both slab and tile, it caters to a variety of design preferences.

The addition of a lovely green color and a high-gloss finish makes any space more appealing. The affordable price of Desert Green Granite does not compromise its aesthetics, making it the ideal choice for those looking for a simple, high-quality flooring solution that boasts rich colors of Rajasthan’s landscapes Get Desert Enjoy the beauty of Green Granite without breaking the bank.

New Imperial Red Granite Flooring

Imperial Red granite flooring stands as a wonderful choice for those who appreciate deep, vibrant colors in their living space. Classified as a Level 2 granite, the stone is available in both tiles and slabs, making it a versatile choice for a variety of floor projects. Its rich, bright colors add a touch of elegance and luxury to any room.

Available in a variety of cut-to-size styles, the Imperial Red Granite flooring not only adds durability but also creates a design fabric that is bound to make a statement. Elevate your kitchen with a vibrant glamorous Imperial Red Granite that is a testament to quality and style.

Primarily, our selection of these granites prioritizes qualities such as durability, aesthetics, weather resistance, availability, and cost-effectiveness. Consequently, we’ve curated a top-notch list of the finest ten granites for flooring, which excel in quality and appeal. Notably, these top ten granites prove to be the optimal choice for various applications, including offices, homes, and sizable projects. Most importantly, for flooring requirements exceeding 3000 square feet, direct granite imports from us can significantly reduce expenses. We proudly stand as leading exporters and manufacturers of Indian Granite, Marble, and Sandstone, offering you the opportunity to procure these exceptional top ten granites from India through our services.