Top 10 Granite for Flooring

Granite is a magnificent material, which is durable and glossy. It is also one of the oldest stone, which is being used as a strong flooring material. The granite gives your floors a magnificent grandeur to home and office. You can install granite in office, home, porch, parking and swimming pool with different types of finishing over it. Generally, the tiles of 60x30x2/3 cm and 60x60x2/3 cm are used to make granite flooring. It is important that the granite should have less variation in patterns to make it beautiful. More variation in the pattern makes the flooring very ugly. We have sorted out the best granite for flooring, by measuring the availability, uniformity, and prices.

Kashmir White Granite

The Kashmir White Granite is a highly durable and glossy material. This is a uniform material and an ideal choice for flooring. You can buy tiles of Kashmir White Granite in 60×30, 60×60, 24″x24″, 12″x24″ for your flooring requirements. We recommend tiles of 2 cm and 3 cm thickness for better durability and strength. The Kashmir White Granite is not only a highly recommended granite for Kitchen tops, but also for flooring.

Platinum White Granite

The Platinum White is a very bright material and perfect for budget flooring. The biggest advantage of using Platinum White Granite is the price. This is all weather granite with high durability. This granite is available in polished, flamed and leather finishing to meet any flooring requirement. You can buy tiles of 60×30, 60×60, 24×24, 12×24 in Platinum White Granite for your flooring uses. Furthermore, you can use this granite for Kitchen Tops as well.

Absolute Black Granite

Is it possible to use Absolute Black Granite as a Flooring material? Yes, It is. Absolute Black is also a highly popular material for flooring in tiles size. First of all, you do not need to pay a lot of money to buy tiles in Absolute Black Granite. The slabs of black are expensive but the tile in the size of 24×24, 24×12, 60×30 and 60×60 are affordable and used for flooring a lot. You can buy this granite in tile size for your flooring needs.

Black Galaxy Granite

If you are looking for dark granite flooring, the Black Galaxy Granite flooring is one of the best solutions available. Likewise, the Absolute Black, Black Galaxy Tiles are also popular for flooring. The tiles are sorted in without line which is a very premium choice for flooring. The price range of Black Galaxy Granite tiles is very affordable. The tiles are also used in making Kitchen Countertops. You can use 24×24, 24×12, 60×30 and 60×60 size tiles for your flooring need in Black Galaxy Granite for flooring.

Crystal Yellow Granite

The Crystal Yellow granite is one of the most used colors for granite flooring. This granite is very bright in color and perfect for indoor flooring. This is one of the most uniform granite, which has evenly scattered crystals in the pattern. This granite looks bright in the low light area. You can buy crystal yellow granite in 60×30 and 60×60 tile size with a thickness of 1.8 cm and 2 cm. This is durable, affordable and weather-friendly granite for use in Indoor and outdoor. Furthermore, you can use tiles of Crystal Yellow at your swimming pool area also.

Tan Brown Granite

Tan Brown is another dark color granite for floorings like Black Galaxy and Absolute Black. This granite is popular for flooring in the size of 60×30 and 60×60 cm. Tan Brown Granite is very hard and durable granite, you can use flamed, polished, Lapataro and Leather finishing in the flooring tiles. The tiles can be combined with the Moon White Granite for a white and brown granite floor.

Rosy Pink Granite

Rosy Pink is probably the most inexpensive beautiful pink granite from India. Due to the high durability, this granite is a zero maintenance granite. You can use this granite in large area flooring. The Rosy Pink is a very uniform material. It does not require any type of sealing. It takes very high polishing. This granite is mostly sold in tile sizes of 60×30 and 60×60 cm. If you are looking for a premium material at affordable prices, Rosy Pink is the best match for your requirements.

Rajasthan Black Granite

Rajasthan Black Granite as a floor tiles looks fabulous if used with white marble or Platinum White Granite. This is a very hard and durable granite. The Rajasthan Black Granite is an affordable granite from Rajasthan, you can buy tiles of this granite in size of 60×30, 60×60 and other tailored sizes. You can order Rajasthan Black Granite with other white marble or Platinum White granite for your needs.

Steel Grey Granite

Steel Grey is a superb silver-grey granite from India. It Seems Like a Silver pearl in the ocean. This granite is one of the most popular choices for flooring in India and abroad. The Steel Grey granite has a combination of light and dark colors. This granite is very hard, durable and available in different types of finishing. The Steel Grey Granite is also very affordable granite. Therefore, these qualities have made steel grey as one of the most reliable and popular flooring choices. You can buy 60×30 and 60×60 tiles in this granite for your flooring needs.

Viscon White Granite

Viscon White is an affordable premium granite choice for Flooring. You can use 60×30 or 60×60 cm tiles for making premium floors in the Granite. This is a granite with medium to high variation, but the light color of viscon white granite is adjusted on the floors. You can install high-quality flooring of Viscon white in Bedroom, Bathroom and outer area of your residential and commercial projects.

Above all, we have chosen the above granite based on durability, beauty, weatherproofing, availability and affordability. As a result, we have prepared a very good list of Top 10 Granite for Flooring. The high-quality Top Ten Granites are the ideal choice for offices, residences, and large projects. Most Noteworthy If you have flooring requirements of more than 3000 Square Feet, you can Import the granite directly from us. It will save a lot of money. We are leading Exporter and manufacturer of Indian Granite, Marble, and Sandstone. You can buy these top ten granite from India with us.