Top most green granite tiles for flooring from India

Green Granite flooring is one of the most common type with fine texture and smooth finishing in India and also globally. Every granite hue entices on lookers, just as green is the colour of this ecosystem, it symbolises life and freshness. Green can be combined in contrast to black, red, and white, further adding different textures, which gives it an attractive personalised look. Our company, Flodeal Inc. makes different types of Green granite flooring tiles.

Check the list below to get the top six affordable and durable green granite flooring tiles:

1. Kuppam Green Granite

Commonly known as ‘granite with a greyish twist ’and ‘Verde marina granite’. It is very light green coloured granite with a wavy pattern from south India. This granite looks best in a glossy polished
finish. This granite has several features: high strength, durability, resistance towards high
temperature, frost, extreme pH conditions etc.

2. Apple Green Granite

This is beautiful Olive green granite from North India, very similar to Desert granite. This is a deeper
green than any other variety. This granite has speckles that occur in different shades of pink, brown,
white and black colour.

3. Hassan Green Granite

Also known as ‘Verde Star’ is a medium grained, dark grey-green variety quarried from Bangalore,
mostly popular in the Turkish, Middle East market. It has a dark-green base with white speckles. It is
weather resistant, durable and one of the hardest granite.

4. Desert Green Granite

Mostly found in Northern parts of India, especially Rajasthan, also known as ‘Devda green’. This has
a grey green base with few black patches. This is mostly used for flooring swimming pools.

5. Green Pearl Granite

This is the most beautiful variety having huge demand. This is a timeless classic with a rich green
colour with small white and pearl veins and patches. This is rarely found in North India. This granite
flooring provides an exquisite beauty and elegance, thus providing a luxurious appeal to the room.
This is naturally durable, easy to clean, scratch resistant and weather resistant.

6. Sapphire Green Granite

This granite hails from Kazipet area of Warangal, India. This is mint and light blue background granite
with hues of white and grey with optimal finishing and amazing crystalline texture. This can be well
contrasted with brown, blue and white colours.

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