Black Granite Tiles

We are manufacturer and exporter of Indian Black Granite tiles. These tiles are available in following sizes :

Small Tiles

  • 30x30x1 cm
  • 305x305x10 mm
  • 40x40x1 cm
  • 405x405x10 mm

Large Tiles

  • 601x601x12 mm
  • 600x600x12 mm
  • 600x400x12 mm

The tiles are manily used for fire places, Bathroom, Kitchen Flooring and exterior wall cladding. The floor tiles of Black Granite are with thickness of 2 cm or 3 cm. These tiles are available in Polished finishing and leather finishing.

The Black Granite tiles are made mainly of Absolute Black Granite and Black Galaxy Granite. The Black Galaxy Granite floor tiles are also available in 18 mm thickness. The 18 mm thick floor tile are more affordable than the 20 mm floor tile. We are currently making Black Granite tile in following materials :