20 Popular Indian Natural Stone in Poland

Find the most popular Indian Granite, Marble, and Sandstone popular in Poland.

Poland is a popular market for Indian Granite, Sandstone & Marble Exporters. Polish Companies Import Indian Natural Stones regularly. High-Quality Indian Granite and Marble are the preferred choices for Poland’s domestic market. Natural Stones from India are used for flooring, Kitchen Countertops, Memorials and for projects in Poland. You can find following Natural Stones from India which are popular in Poland market :

Popular Indian Granite in Poland Market

Just like the granite, Indian marbles are also a popular choice for flooring, wall cladding, staircases in the Poland market. The Marbles are used mainly for wall cladding and flooring.But you can make high-quality countertops from Indian marble as well.

Furthermore, Indian Marbles are unique in Color and Pattern, which enhances the beauty of any residential or commercial project. We make slabs, tiles, cut to sizes and countertops in Indian Marble. the brief introduction about popular Indian Marble is as following:

Verde Guatemala Marble

Verde Guatemala is a beautiful green colored marble from India. This green marble is a very durable and strong material. It takes excellent polishing. You can use Verde Guatemala Marble for Kitchen, Flooring and wall cladding. This is available in tile, slabs and countertops sizes for different uses.

Rainforest Green Marble

This is a serpentine stone from India. This is probably the most beautiful green colored stone. Bidasar Green is an alternative name of this marble. It has a light and dark green background with maroon and brown colored veins intersecting each other. You can make beautiful Kitchen Countertops as well as wall elevations.

Bidasar Brown Marble

Brown Rainforest or Bidasar Brown marble is also a serpentine stone and quarried near Bidasar Green and Gold materials. This marble is one of the most sought-after brown color stones. This is an elegant and beautiful brown marble.

Rainforest Gold Marble

Rainforest Gold or Bidasar Gold marble is a golden-colored marble. This is a lighter shed of Bidasar Brown Marble. The major use of this marble is Kitchen Tops and Wall Cladding. This is also a useful marble for Staircases and backsplash tiles.

Importer of Natural Stones mostly mixes Indian Marble with Indian Sandstone. The combination of both the material is very good for new Importers. We can load Indian Marble with Indian Sandstone in One container.


Indian Sandstones are durable, weatherproof and can tolerate any temperature. These stones can tolerate any harsh weather. We manufacturer and export following sandstone from India, to Poland market. You can import high-quality Indian Sandstone from us. We can mix these sandstones with some of the beautiful marbles, which are popular in Poland’s market.


Teak is a yellow golden color sandstone, which is used in the flooring of the swimming pool and outdoor. Wall cladding and Monuments are major uses of this sandstone from India. Thick slabs of Teak Sandstone are used to make funeral memorials. This is a very durable and weatherproof sandstone from India.

Rainbow Sandstone is a multicolored porous sandstone from India. Just like the teak, it is also a popular choice for swimming pools and outdoor flooring. This is a very lightweight stone and easy to cut. The Rainbow blocks are a very good choice for fountains, monuments, and memorials.

Indian Natural Stone has earned a very good reputation in Poland’s market due to durable and beautiful qualities. The Natural Stone Industry in Poland and India are thriving due to the recent economic boom. You can buy all types of Natural Stone from India at Flodeal inc. We manufacture and export almost every type of Natural Stone from India.