5 Best Indian Black Granite

best black granite

Indian Black Granite are the granite which are quarried and processed in India. India is the home to more than 300 granite. There are many black granite available in India. These are used to make Kitchen Countertops, Flooring, Bathroom tiles, Monuments, Gravestone, etc. Black Granite has a variety of uses.

Indian Black Granites are popular for consistency, color, strength, and availability. Many of the famous buildings, parks, memorials are made with Indian Black Granite.

Following are the most popular and highly recommended Black Granite from India :

  • Premium Black Granite
  • Star Galaxy
  • Black Pearl
  • Forest Black
  • Rajasthan Black

Premium Black

Absolute Black Granite

The premium black granite or absolute black granite is one of the most popular granite in the world. It is the darkest stone available. This granite is very hard and does not need to be sealed. The grains are so close that it is impossible to see from 4-5 feet. You can use Absolute Black Granite in making Kitchen tops and flooring. You can buy premium quality Absolute Black in slabs, tiles and Kitchen Countertops from us. For more details please click the link.

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy Granite India

Black Galaxy Granite is dark granite with golden and silver speckles. This granite is used for making Kitchen Countertops, Cladding and Flooring. This is the most popular granite in the Middle East and northern Africa. This is a natural colored granite and does not need sealing. The silver and golden speckles shine like stars in the galaxy. You can understand more about Black Galaxy by following this link.

Black Pearl

Black Pearl

The background of Black Pearl Granite is predominantly black and dark with semi-solid colored speckles. The Black Pearl is a popular color in European countries. This granite is quarried in Andhra Pradesh. Black Pearl Granite is a popular choice for making countertops, cladding, and headstone. The color of the Black Pearl is natural and there is no treatment of color or resin on this beautiful granite. The Black Pearl is available in slabs and tiles, you can check the link for more details.

Black Forest

Black Forest

The Black Forest is very similar to the Agatha Black Granite. Quarries of Black Forest are located in India. You can use the Forest Black in making high-quality Kitchen countertops and book-matched floors. This is our 4th best choice for black granite. To know more about this granite, please visit the link.

Rajasthan Black Granite

Rajasthan Black

Rajasthan Black is a cheap alternative to Black Pearl Granite from India, hence we put this granite in the list of best black granite from India. This is a low-cost material and you can use Rajasthan Black in large projects. The availability of this granite is also very good. Rajasthan Black is a highly durable material for indoor and outdoor use. Due to the less price, it is replacing Green Marble countertops rapidly in India. You can check different finishing and qualities of Rajasthan Black by following this link.

These all Five Black Granite from India, has earned a very good reputation worldwide due to the color and stiffness. These are very strong and durable granite. The variations make the difference in the prices. We export all 5 Best Black Granite from India.