Gone are the days when people used to choose over white-colored granite countertops. Black colored granite countertops are creating a new demand all over the world. It is because it provides depth and a luxurious feel to your kitchen or any other space.

  • Why choose Black Granite Countertops?

Have you ever imagined which color hue provides the best depth? Black is the color that gives depth to any traditional or modern space. Being the darkest color it gives the required contrast with all other light color accessories in your home.

Another great reason is easy cleaning. Yes, simply damp cloth and wipe off the dust from the countertop. Also, the dust and dirt stains won’t be visible on your black granite countertops.
Being non-porous in nature, they have hardly any maintenance issues. This saves your costs as well.

  • Different Black Granite countertops available in market

    • Absolute Black Granite- This type has a plain black design with no patterns or structure to it.
    • Black Galaxy Granite- If stargazing is your favorite pastime, do install one in your kitchen or bath space. This granite countertop provides the feel of a galaxy.
    • Black Forest Granite- It is just like Absolute black granite but with veiningĀ of silver and grey color.
    • Black Pearl Granite- This granite has black color as a dominant one with a different mix of colors like blue, gray, silver, and gold in the background.
    • Rajasthan Black Granite- The feathery hue of gray and brown with rich black color in the background gives a stunning look to the countertop.
    • Titanium Gold- Rich black background with random large stains of golden color provides an enchanted look.
    • Black Markino- White, silver, and gold splattered around in the royal black background gives flair to your fantastic kitchen and bathroom space.

All these counter tops provide a breathtaking look that would spruce up your space. You can order Random Slabs or prefabricated countertops from flodeal.com. We work in wholesale. The minimum order quantity is 1 containers load. The material will be loaded in 20 ft container. Material is packed with seaworthy wooden crates for enhanced safety. It takes 3-4 weeks to make 1 container. All these black granite countertops are available in custom made sizes and edge profiles.