Top 12 Popular Natural Stones in Turkey

Turkey is one of the biggest Stone Exporter countries in the world, Turkish Marble is world famous for its unmatching beauty and elegance. However, Turkey also Import marble and granite from the outside world. The geolocation of Turkey makes it a hub for the best location of trading as well. Here we will show you Indian Natural Stones popular in Turkish Market.


Green Marble or commonly known as Verde Guatemala Marble is being used in Turkey as a flooring and wall cladding needs. This beautiful marble is used in the Turkish presidential palace. The Verde Guatemala used in both flooring and wall cladding in the Turkish Palace. Apart from than many premium hotels and malls have used this marble for their flooring needs.

You can use Indian Green Marble in Flooring, Wall Cladding, and Kitchen Countertops.


Absolute Black Granite is a premium quality Black Granite from India, This solid black granite is one of the most popular choices for Kitchen Countertops. You can also see this granite in wall cladding and flooring in Turkey. This Black Granite is a common sighting for Kitchen Tops.

You can use the Absolute Black Granite in Kitchen Countertops, wall tiles, and Flooring. This granite is also available in Polished, Leather, Brushed and Flammed finishing for different types of uses.


Black Galaxy is the most beautiful granite found in India. This is a solid black colored granite with stars like specks in the pattern. Turkish companies buy high-quality black galaxy granite without any impurity. This granite is used in premium commercial projects and expensive residential projects.

You can use the Black Galaxy Granite in Kitchen Tops, wall tiles, and flooring. You can buy this granite in different sizes such as Jumbo Gangsaw slabs, counter slabs, and tiles 60×30 in 2 and 3 cm thickness.


This is a dark brown granite with tan color as the background. The Tan Brown Granite is a popular choice for flooring and Kitchen tops. This beautiful granite is quarried in the Indian State of Telangana. Earlier, the Telangana was part of Andhra Pradesh State. This granite is one of the most popular brown granite in Turkey from India.

You can use the Tan Brown Granite in flooring and Kitchen tops.


The Verde Star is beautiful green granite with white stars. The other name of this granite is Hassan Green Granite. It is from the Indian State of Karnataka. The Green Color of this granite is very bright green. Fabricators make Kitchen Countertops and tabletop from this granite mostly. This granite is also a very good choice for flooring and wall cladding. We export the Verde Star Granite in Slab, Tile and Kitchen countertops sizes.

You can use Hassan Green granite in Flooring, Wall Cladding, and Countertops.


Ash Black is perhaps the cheapest black granite available. The Ash Black quarries are located in the Indian State of Rajasthan. We regularly cut this granite in Slabs and Tiles size. This granite takes excellent brushing. We have done many projects of this granite. This is consistent and very strong material.

You can use ash black granite in Flooring, Wall Cladding, Kitchen Counters, Backsplash tiles, and Memorials.


Rainforest Green is a serpentine marble. Due to its unique pattern and colors, this is one of the most used marble for wall cladding in Turkey. The Rainforest green is imported in Turkey from the Indian State of Rajasthan. This is such a beautiful and well crafted by nature, you will be stunned to see the pattern. It is hard to believe that it is a natural stone.

You can use the Rainforest Marble in your indoor or outdoor wall cladding projects, you can also use this marble for the backsplash for your kitchen countertop.



Rainforest Brown or Bidasar Brown is another unique material from India, which is being imported a lot in the Turkish market. The Rainforest Brown quarries are located near the Rainforest Gold and RF Green Marble. This is also used for wall cladding. The Rainforest Brown has a brown background with dark brown/maroon veins.

You can use this marble in Kitchen Backsplash, wall cladding, bathroom tiles and outdoor elevation.


The beautiful Rainforest gold marble is quarried near Bidasar in Rajasthan, but most of the processing is done in Udaipur and Jaipur area. This marble is closely related to Rainforest Green and RF brown marble. This is a popular choice for wall cladding, front elevation.

Like RF Green and RF Brown marble, you can use this granite in the backsplash, cladding, bathroom tiles and front elevation.


Desert Brown is a brown colored granite from India, this is a very consistent material with more uniformity in color and pattern. The Granite Desert Brown is a very strong granite, you can use it in different applications and projects where color and pattern consistency is important.

You can use the Desert Brown Granite in Flooring, Wall Cladding, Kitchen Tops, Backsplash tiles and large projects. There are many projects in Turkey where this granite is used.


This is a beautiful white granite from India. It does not have common problems with much white granite such as pinholes and pattern variation. The beautiful white granite does not need any type of sealing and treatment. This is so adorable and cheap that you can use it in flooring, kitchen, large area commercial projects.

You can use the Platinum White Granite in Large area flooring, big projects, Kitchen countertops, backsplash tiles and even in driveway pavers.


A beautiful red granite with lighter shed and black flowers. This is one of the most beautiful red granite available. The New Imperial Red Granite is generally used in making Kitchen Tops. The Granite is very consistent and uniform material. Many Indoor and outdoor projects in Turkey are made of this granite.

You can use the New Imperial Red Granite in Flooring, large area commercial projects, Kitchen tops and backsplash tiles.