What is Floor Tiles?

Floor Tiles are produced using cement or concrete and manufactured in different thicknesses and shapes. During the manufacturing process, its color and appearance of tiles are controlled. Tiles do not crack easily as it is not likely to absorb moisture. Ceramic tiles are in trend as it gives beautiful effect to the rooms.Tiles are used for Flooring, Wall cladding, Kitchen countertop, Bathroom tiles, and Backsplash. Various types of tiles fluctuate in cost and size.

Characteristics of Tiles

  • It is non – porous
  • It can be used Interior decoration and it plays an important role
  • It is easy to install
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • It is recycled, non-toxic, and manufactured with safe processes.
  • In tile, wastage is very low.
ceramic tiles
marble flooring

What is marble?

A marble is a naturally occurring metamorphic stone. Marble flooring is fashionable and normally utilized in elegant homes, cafés, inns, sanctuaries, places of worship, mosques, and so forth.

Marble is the most ideal decision for indoor territories like corridors, and rooms as an image of extravagance and richness, and it’s wonderful regular look adds to the tasteful allure.

Characteristics of marble

  •  Durable.
  •  Eco-friendly.
  •  Gives luminous shine.
  • Easy to clean flooring
  • Resistant free
  • Wastage is more in marble
  • Installation of marble is difficult.


For residential and commercial areas, both marble and tile are used for flooring solutions. If you are looking for a long lasting flooring solution then you should opt for Marble.

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