Popular Brown Granite From India

Brown Granite India

India produces several types of brown granite. The Brown colored Granite from India are used to make flooring, Kitchen tops, and staircases. It is one of the most popular colors after the black granite to be used as Kitchen Countertops. We have different types of Granite available in brown color, which we export and supply in Local as well as the Export market.

Following are the Popular Brown Granite from India :

  • Tan Brown
  • Desert Brown
  • Coffee Brown
  • Fantasy Brown
  • Rainforest Brown
  • Icon Brown
  • Ivory Brown
  • Paradiso Bash
  • Himalayan blue
  • Tiger Skin


Tan Brown Granite is the most exported pure brown granite from India. This granite is a dark brown and tan colored granite. Quarries of Tan Brown are located in the Indian state of Telangana. It is very useful for flooring, wall cladding and Kitchen Countertops. You can also flame this granite for the use as pavement in the outdoor area and wall cladding.

tan brown granite


Desert Brown is a durable and beautiful granite from Rajasthan State. Flodeal is a manufacturer and exporter of Desert brown from India. You can use this granite in a large project, flooring, monuments, tabletops and windows sill. You can also use the flamed desert brown in flooring near the sideways of the swimming pool as a nonslippery material.


Coffee Brown features shades of brown including coffee and chocolate. It is available in both tiles and slabs and recommended for all commercial and residential projects including flooring, walls, and countertops. We are a leading exporter of Coffee Brown from India.


Fantasy Brown Marble or Sometimes also called Fantasy Brown Granite is one of the first choices for Kitchen Countertops for many homeowners. Quarries of this granite are in the Rajasthan State. We export Fantasy Brown regularly to different countries.


The Rainforest Brown rich veins resemble an entanglement of hanging vines and branches. A lighter background tone struggles to break through the thick brown foliage. The Rainforest Brown Quarries are in the Rajasthan State of India. This is popular in the United State, Europe, the Middle East, and North African Export market.


Icon Brown is a dark granite from India. This granite has a dark brown base with small flowers in the pattern. It is a low variation granite. The Icon Brown is very good for using in Kitchen Countertops, Flooring and wall cladding. We are a supplier and exporter of Icon Brown in Slab, Tiles and Countertop sizes.


Ivory Brown is a beige and ivory-colored material from India. The background of Ivory brown is beige or Ivory color with brown veins and golden pinkish clouds. This is also called Sivakashi Ivory and Siva Gold granite. We are manufacturer and Exporter of Ivory Brown from India. You can use it on flooring, walls, and countertops.


Paradiso Bash is an artistic Indian granite with shades, gold and grey veins. It is a perfect choice for kitchen counters, bathroom vanities and more. Furthermore, it is also used in making monuments and memorials. You can import Paradiso Bash Granite in Slab tiles and Countertop shape from us. You can use this in flooring as well. Book-Matched slabs of this granite look fabulous on large areas.


Himalayan Blue Granite is a dark and blue granite from India. The Granite is a very strong and durable material. It can last for thousands of years without any problem. The main uses of this granite are flooring, monuments, memorials, slants, kitchen countertops and wall cladding. Flooring of this granite looks beautiful with tiles and book-matched slabs. We produce and export the high-quality Himalayan Blue Granite to different countries in slab, tiles and countertop sizes.


Tigerskin is red and brown granite from India. Quarries of this material are in the Rajasthan State. This granite is very durable and hard material, which is mostly used as Kitchen tops flooring and wall cladding. We are a leading exporter and manufacturer of Tiger Skin Granite from India.

The Flodeal Marble and Granite company is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Brown Granite from India. We manufacture and export these granite in slab, tiles and Kitchen Countertops. We also work on projects. You can use these high-quality granite from India for your big projects. The color of these granite is very much suitable for big projects.