black granite pros cons

These days Granite countertops are usually seen in every household. The black granite has suddenly seen a surge of demand among consumers because of the elegant and luxurious design it provides to your space. It blends well with other pale color accessories or decor of the house.

Now, let us look at the Pros and Cons of Black Granite


Usage of Black Granite comes with several benefits apart from the liking of the color. They are as follows:

  • Hassle-free cleaning and Maintenance

    As black is the darker shade of color, dust and dirt particles or lighter stains are hardly visible. This requires less cleaning as compared to softer tones. Also, maintaining is not much of a difficulty. Simply use a wet cloth and clean the surface.

  • Provides depth to space

    No other color hue can provide the depth that black granite can provide to your bathroom or kitchen space. This is also due to the contrast it works with other lighter shades of your house.

  • Variety of Black Granite

    There are various types of black granite available to choose from with different patterns and hues such as Pearl, galaxy, Ubatuba, absolute, and many others.

  • Highly Durable

    Black Granite can withstand everyday wear and tear easily. Once sealed properly, it proves to be highly stain resistant. Also, the daily heat from pots and pans would not crack up the granite that easily.

pros black granite
cons black granite


  • Regular Cleaning of Fingerprints

    Though fingerprints and spillages won’t be visible from a distance, you could notice them easily with a closer look. Hence, it requires more cleaning.

  • Spilling and bacterias

    As said, if the black granite is sealed correctly, there won’t be any issues for a longer time. But if there is any gap and the seal is not proper, all spillages would get soaked, giving rise to bacterias. This would be ideal where you prepare your food.

  • Cost

    Most design and black granite styles come with an extra cost.