Green Granite From India

Green Granite from India which are Green in color. The green color is a color between Blue and Yellow. Like Green Marble, India is home to exclusive green color granites.

The color of mother nature looks beautiful in Kitchen Countertops and Flooring. We have an exclusive range of these Granite from India. These granites are used for making Kitchen Countertops, Wall Cladding, Flooring, and Pavement.

There are two types of Granite in Green Color available with us :

  • Light Green Granite
  • Dark Green Granite

Both types of granite have same uses such as Kitchen Countertops, Wall Cladding, and Flooring. Different sheds are used for different types of themes. The light color is also used in making Pavements.


The Slabs of this color are available in small and big sizes. Big slabs are more expensive and generally used for expensive projects, while the smaller one is a perfect choice for medium to low budget projects.


We make these granites in simple cut size tiles of 1.8 cm as well as Calibrated tiles of 1 cm and 1.2 cm.

We export and manufacturer following Green Granite from India, you can buy these granites at very competitive prices in wholesale.  :