Popular Indian Stones in Germany

Germany and India are among the largest economies of the world. Germany’s total trade with India was 15.8 Billion Euro in the Financial year 2013-2014. Germany Import a lot of Indian Products including Natural Stones. Indian Natural Stones are very popular in Germany. Here we discuss the most popular Indian Stones in Germany.

Indian Natural Stones are used for different kind of uses such as Flooring, Wall Cladding, Bathroom Tiles, Kitchen Countertops, and Memorials. There are 3 types of Natural Stones from India, which are being Imported in Germany. This list is made as per inquiries received on our website. There may be many more popular Indian Stones in Germany.

Popular Indian Marble in Germany

Indian Marble are used for flooring and wall cladding, but some of the recently discovered marble have earned a good reputation for being a beautiful alternative to Granites, following are the popular Indian Marble in Germany:-

Verde Guatemala Marble

Verde Guatemala marble or Green Marble is generally used for large area flooring and Kitchen Countertops. The Slabs of Verde Guatemala are polished in book matched pattern for better flooring. This marble is also popular in the size of tile. Germany Import tiles of 60x60x2 cm / 3 cm, 60x30x2cm, 60x40x2 cm and Calibrated tiles in 1 cm thickness. Tiles are used for wall cladding and backsplash.

Rainforest Brown / Green / Gold Marble

Rainforest Marble are serpentine stone. There are three colors available in this beautiful marble, as Green, Brown, and Gold. These marbles are generally used for wall cladding. A special treatment called Brushing or Antique finish is most popular for wall cladding. This marble is quarried in the Bidasar Area of Rajasthan, and this is also called as Bidaser or Bidasar marble. The major Import of this marble is in Slab and tiles form.

Mercury Black / Mercury White Marble

Mercury Black and Mercury White are dark marble from India. These beautiful marbles are very new marble and available in 2 cm and 3 cm slabs. These new marbles are used for Kitchen Countertops and wall cladding. Both marbles are hard and take good polishing. These two marbles are also available in Brushed and Antique finishing.

Popular Indian Granite in Germany

Granites are mainly used for Kitchen Countertops and Flooring. Germany Import different types of Granite from India. The Imports are in generally tiles and slab form. We are not adding Absolute Black Granite, Star Galaxy Granite and other black granite in the lists. These are popular granites worldwide but and we are trying to short the list as much as:

Imperial White Granite

Imperial White Granite

Imperial White Granite is a decent white granite, this granite is a popular choice for Kitchen Countertops and Flooring in Germany. The slabs are cut in 2 and 3 cm thickness. Tiles of Imperial White Granite are available in Polished, Calibrated, Beveled Finishing. This is one of the most popular white granite in Germany.

Ivory Brown Granite

Ivory Brown Granite

Ivory Brown Granite is a beige and brown granite. This granite is also called as Sivakashi Granite. The base of this granite is brown with very thin brown lines. There was a time when Ivory Brown was most popular granite with Kashmir White Granite and Kashmir Gold Granite. The other two granite are not available now with the same color these were available previously. However, the Ivory Brown Granite is still available. Germany Imports 2 cm and 3 cm slabs and 2 cm and 1 cm tiles in Ivory Brown Granite from India.

Multicolor Red Granite

Red Multi Color Granite

Multicolor Red Granite is a red, brown granite with black and brown pattern. This granite is a popular choice for Worktops, Memorials, Monuments and Kitchen Countertops. The Red Multicolor Granite is also used for wall cladding. This red granite has multiple uses and sizes available. Slabs and tiles of multicolor red granite are regularly imported in Germany with 4 cm, 5 cm, 6 cm, 7 cm, 8 cm and 10 cm thick memorials.

Paradiso Bash / Classico Granite

Paradiso Bash and Paradiso Classico are granite from Banglore. These two granites have a little difference in color and pattern. Paradiso Classico is mostly used as Flooring and Kitchen Countertops. The Paradiso Bash Granite is popular in making Kitchen Countertops, Worktops and Memorials. Both are beautiful strong and high-quality granite. Germany Import Slabs and 1 cm thick tiles in these beautiful materials.

There are other materials also such as Tan Brown Granite, Coffee Brown Granite, River White Granite, Hassan Green Granite, Kuppam Green Granite (Verde Marina), Absolute Black Granite, Black Galaxy Granite etc. which are immensely popular in German Market. We tried to keep the list short and that is why many granites are missing. You can browse all these granites from the Indian Granite section of our website.

Popular Indian Sandstone in Germany

Indian Sandstone is used for making pavement, flooring. memorials and wall cladding. Sandstone has different properties than marble and granite. Some sandstone does not take polish and used for poolside flooring and outdoor flooring. Germany Imports different types of sandstone from India, some of the popular are as following:

Rainbow & Teakwood Sandstone

Rainbow and Teakwood are most popular sandstone in the German market. These stones belong to India. Germany Import many containers of Rainbow and Sandstone from India. These sandstones are used for making poolside flooring, monuments, memorials, wall tiles and open area pavement. The popular sizes are slabs in 2,3 and 4 cm thickness with tiles of 60x30x2,3,4 cm , 60x60x2,3,4 cm. Calibrate tiles of Rainbow & Teak sandstone are also popular. The Rainbow and Teakwood Sandstone do not take a polish. The finish available in Rainbow & Teakwood is Just Cut and Honed Finishing.

Furthermore Luna Grey, Luna Brown, Autumn Grey, Autumn Brown, Dholpur Beige, Pink, Chocolate and other sandstone are also popular in Germany. All these sandstone are used for pavement and available in natural finishing.

India is home to hundreds of color of Natural Stone, and Germany is a big market for the Indian Stone Companies. We make all above Natural Stones in different finishing. You can contact us here for your requirements of Natural Stone from India.

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