Top 10 Best Granite in India

India produces 150+ different types of granite. There is almost every color of granite available in India. The list of top 10 best granite in India, is based on demand, pattern, uniformity, and availability.
Here is the list of Top 10 Best Granite in India

Absolute Black

This solid black granite is popular all over the world. This is best Black Granite available in India. There is no specific market, where it is more or less popular. The consistency of this granite is very high. This is a uniform granite, mostly used for Kitchen Countertops and Memorials. You can buy this dark granite in slab and tiles form. We also make wholesale Kitchen countertops and memorials in this granite. This is the best granite in India.

River White

River White granite has white/greyish background with waves and veins of white and grey color. This granite is a popular choice for flooring and Kitchen Countertops. This is medium to high variation material. This is best white granite in availability and pattern. You can order for floor slabs and floor tiles of this granite.

Fantasy Brown

Also called as Fantasy Brown Marble, this granite has earned a reputation of being a solid kitchen material. This is particularly popular in the US, Canada, and the Italian market. Fantasy Brown Granite is an ideal choice for Kitchen Countertops and indoor flooring. Fantasy Brown is a medium to high variation granite. This is the best light brown granite available.

Alaska White

The Alaska White Granite is also one of the best white granite available in India. This granite is a very good choice for making Kitchen Countertops and this is very popular in the US market. The pattern of this granite is so unique and amazing. This is available in slabs and kitchen tops size with different thickness and cut sizes.

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy granite is one of the most exported granite from India. This is the best black granite after absolute black granite. In many countries of GCC and North Africa, this is even more popular than the absolute black granite. This is used for flooring and Kitchen Countertops. The Pattern is a dark black background with copper, silver, and golden specks.

Tan Brown

Tan Brown granite is perhaps the best brown granite available in India. This granite has tan and brown color background with lighter shed box type pattern. This granite is very much popular throughout the world. This is mostly sold in slabs and tiles form. You can use this beautiful brown granite in Kitchen, Flooring and outdoor wall elevation.

Kashmir White

A beautiful white granite with grey sheds and brown garnets. The Kashmir White Granite has earned a very good reputation for being the most popular Indian Granite. This granite is available in slabs and tiles. You can make counters and flooring with this beautiful white granite. This granite has been used in very large projects such as Airports, Shopping Malls and residential complexes all over the world.

Steel Grey

Steel Grey or sometimes called as Silver Pearl Granite is a strong and beautiful granite from India. This granite is cheap in price, yet the quality of this granite is superb. This is mainly used in flooring and Kitchen Countertops. The Steel Grey Granite is sold in slabs and tiles. You can use it in Flooring, Kitchen, wall cladding and big size projects. This is one of the most popular granites in India.

Colonial White

The Colonial White is a premium white granite from India. You can use colonial white granite in Kitchen Countertops. The beautiful white background of this granite allows fabricators to use it in different types of counters. This is available in small and big size slabs. You can buy this granite in slabs and tiles form.

New Imperial Red

The New Imperial Red is a blood red granite with small lighter shed flowers. This is so beautiful red granite available from India. You can use this granite in Kitchen, flooring, wall cladding and memorials for beloved ones. New Imperial Red is available in different sizes and thickness. You can buy small slabs, big slabs and cut to size tiles in this granite. You can also get flamed and polished finishing on this granite.

Apart from these granites, there are several beautiful Indian Granite available such as Red Multicolor, Paradiso etc. The list is as per the global choice and the quality. All these materials are available in consistency quality with excellent finishing. You can buy these granite colors from India, from us. We manufacture and wholesale these granites.