Top Five North Indian granite and marble for projects

natural stones for project

Granite and marble are used for construction projects worldwide. There are many types of artificial marble and granite are available these days, but Natural Stones remains as the first choice for any project of Flooring, Wall Cladding and other uses due to the durability, beauty, and longevity. We have different types of marble and granite available, but here we will discuss only the top five North Indian Granite and Marble.

The selection process has the following parameters :

  • Uniformity
  • Availability
  • Cutting process
  • Finishing Available
  • Price

You need to follow above-mentioned parameters in selecting a material for a project since a big project require all these properties. Here is the list of project materials :

Green Marble

Green Marble is an Indian Marble, this is quarried near Udaipur city of Rajasthan State. This marble is a serpentine stone and takes excellent polishing. This is used for flooring in big areas. Green marble is also known as Verde Guatemala Marble. Here are some pictures:

The green marble is a cheap marble, it is more uniform than other marbles. The availability of green marble is very good. This marble can be processed in Polished, Brushed and River Finished. If you are looking for a material which is durable, green colored, cheap and overall uniform, Green Marble is the best option for you.


Rajasthan Black Granite is a wonderful black granite, which looks excellent in polished and Flamed Finishing. This granite is very uniform in pattern and color. The availability of this granite is very good. This granite can be processed in Polished, Flamed, Brushed and Leather finish. If you are working on a project, which requires cheap black granite in Flamed finishing you can choose Rajasthan Black Granite. It is also called as Ash Black Granite in many parts of the world. Furthermore, the flamed finish looks good with the comparison to  Absolute Black Granite. You can use flamed Rajasthan Black in outdoor projects such as outdoor flooring / Parking and big area wall cladding.

The Rajasthan Black Granite is a consistent material, it has uniformity in nature. The availability of Rajasthan Black is very good and it is not expensive granite. It can be used in big projects without any problem.


Arna White is an Indian White Marble, The marble is from Rajnagar and also called as Rajnagar White Marble. This marble has a very bright white base with black, green and grey lining. This looks very good in flooring and one of the most used colors for flooring in India. The quarries are located in the Arna Village of Rajsamand District. The Arna White Marble can be cut into the crosscut and vein cut. The vein cut material is most popular and about 90% material is cut in vein cut. The vein pattern is similar to Marmara white marble from Turkey but the color and pattern of Arna White are more bright and beautiful with grey and green veins.

The Arna white marble is available in smaller sizes only. the general sizes are height 3′ to 4′ and length 6′ to 9′. But this marble is available in plenty and it can be cut into sizes of 24″ x 24″ , 24″ x 48″, 12″ x 24″ etc. The low price f this marble gives an advantage of using in the project, and the light color flooring is one of the most used floorings. This marble is very good for projects because of uniformity, high availability and low price.


The crystal yellow is a light colored granite. The base color of this granite is yellow with black flower pattern. This granite has three sheds available. The darker shed is the most popular in Crystal Yellow Granite. There is a light shed and a shed with orange tone also available. The Crystal Yellow Granite is a very consistent material. This is uniform in color and pattern. This peculiarity makes this granite a very popular choice for large projects.

The crystal yellow granite is one of the most popular colors for big projects and generally the tiles of 60×30 are used for projects. This is a cheap granite and from tiles picture, you can see the uniformity of the material. The tiles are cut on automatic machines so there is no possibility of the right angle in these tiles. This can be used in large scale flooring.