Why is granite better than marble?

Both marble and granite have become popular choices as natural stone for kitchen countertops. On one hand, marble provides a rich and gorgeous appearance to your kitchen; while on the other hand, granite gives a more natural appearance. And also both of them require a significant amount of care. They have more similarities than differences. But the subtle difference matters when you want the best for your kitchen. Further, also what matters is the location of counters and how well can you maintain them.

To let the customers know their best fit, Flodeal presents this article to help them get knowledge about the subtle difference between granite and marble. Keep reading!!

Origin and Hardness

marble quarry

Granite is an igneous rock consisting of compressed feldspar, quartz. Thus, granite is forms as a very hard stone. While marble is a metamorphic rock consisting of Calcium Carbonate. Initially, it forms limestone and then hardens to marble. Thus, marble is slightly softer than granite.

Granite has a hardness of 6 to 7 on the Mohs scale while marble has a comparatively lower hardness of 3 to 5 on the Mohs scale.

Durability and Resistance to Stain

Both granite and marble are extremely hard and durable. But both are porous. So, both need to be sealed at least once a year. Sealing blocks acids, and other liquids to penetrate the stone.

In case, the sealant is damaged and liquids penetrate the rock, then more damage is caused to marble. This is because marble is more porous compared to granite. Granite is extremely dense, so it can even prevent acid from penetrating. Therefore, it is advised to wipe off stains immediately from the surface of the marble. Especially acids, they can cause much damage to both the rocks. Use a mixture of vinegar and baking soda in warm water to clean the acid stains.

Resistance to scratches

Granite being the harder stone is more resistant to chips and scratches. Even marble is resistant, but lesser than granite. And so its sealant needs to be resealed often.


Granite comparatively requires lesser maintenance. The sealant in granite generally needs to be applied once every three years. But for marble resealing needs to be done quite often. Like once or twice every year. And also marble requires a diligent schedule for resealing.

Heat resistance

Both these stones are the best choice for kitchen countertops because of their excellent heat resistance capacity. Granite countertops would not discolour if hot burning objects are kept on them or from other household activities. But, marble countertops may discolour if hot objects are kept for too long.


In terms of affordability, marble is slightly cheaper than granite, but maintenance cost for marble is higher than granite.


Therefore, marble is preferred for low traffic areas while granite turns out to be the best choice for kitchen countertops.

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