Most Popular Natural Stones in Russian Federation

Russia is a very big market for the Indian Natural Stone Industry. Russian people like natural stones from India. There are many natural stones from India, which are famous in the Russian market and CIS, here we will discuss the most popular natural stones in Russia, which are supplied from India. We prepared this list based on the order received from our Russian Clients as well as inquiries received on our website.


Russian homeowners have a very good choice of marble from India, they buy premium Indian marble.  Following are the most Popular Indian Marble in Russia :


The Verde India marble or Green marble is one of the most popular Indian Green Marble in Russia. This marble is quarried in Udaipur Rajasthan. The most popular size is 60x30x2 cm & random slabs in 2 and 3 cm thickness. This is generally used for flooring, windows sills and bathroom wall cladding in Russia.


The Rainforest Brown Marble or Bidasar Brown Marble is a popular choice for wall cladding and Kitchen Countertops in Russia. This granite is also very much used in the Bathroom. The popular sizes in Rainforest Brown marble are Big slabs and 60x30x2 cm. This marble is also available in 305x305x10 mm and 610x305x10 mm, which is also a popular size in the Russian market.


Rainforest Gold Marble is also a premium marble from India, which is very much popular in Russia. This marble is quarried near the Churu District of India. It is also called Bidasar Gold Marble. Russian homeowners use this marble for wall cladding, windows sills, and backsplash for Kitchen Countertops. The Bidasar Gold Marble is available in Slabs of 2 cm and 3 cm as well as tiles in the size of 60x30x2 cm, 305x305x10 mm, 610x305x10 mm.


A beautiful Green marble with maroon lines which intersects. This marble has earned a very good reputation for being one of the most beautiful marbles available. The Rainforest green or commonly known as Bidasar Green Marble is one of the most popular marbles in Russia. This is used for Kitchen Countertops, wall claddings, and bathrooms. The Bidasar green marble is available in Big Slabs, Polished Tiles, and countertops sizes.


Granite are very strong natural stones and used for making Kitchen Countertops, Flooring, memorials and wall cladding. Indian Granite is very famous in Russia and CIS countries. We have the following Granite with us which are very popular in the Russian Market.


  • new imperial red granite
  • absolute black granite


The new Imperial Red Granite is very popular in the Russian market as well as nearby countries. This is a bright red colored granite from India. The most popular size of this granite is 60x30x1.8 cm. This is generally used for flooring and wall cladding. We also make the New Imperial Red Granite in small slabs and gangsaw size slabs.


Premium Quality Absolute Black Granite is without any doubt most popular granite in Russia. This is solid black granite with very fine silver flecks that are invisible from little distance. The most popular size for the Absolute Black Granite in Russia is 60x30x1.8 cm tiles. There is also a demand for 1.5 cm tiles in this granite. These sizes are used for flooring and wall cladding. There are different sizes such as 100×80 cm also popular in different thickness, which is used for making memorials and monuments.


The Black Galaxy Granite is one of the most popular granite from India. The Russian market buys this granite very much. In Russia, this granite is mostly used for making high-end Kitchen Countertops. This is an expensive granite and the Russian Importers generally buy high-quality Black Galaxy Granite. Popular sizes for this granite is Big Jumbo slabs in 2 and 3 cm, counter slabs in 2 and 3 cm and tiles in the size of 60x30x1.8 cm which are used for flooring.


Tan Brown Granite is a popular choice for outdoor flooring, Kitchen Countertops, wall cladding in Russia. This is one of the most popular granites in the Russian Market. The size of 60x30x1.8 cm is the most popular size in Tan Brown Granite. This granite is available in Polished & Flamed Finishing. Flammed finishing is extensively used in big projects. Since the Tan Brown Granite is a more uniform Brown Granite, it is very much used in big projects, where the need is of brown granite.

All the above natural stones have earned a very good reputation in the Russian marble and granite market. These natural stones have been proved worthy in the cold climate of Russia.


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