Top 5 Tips for Selecting the Marble

Choosing the color of the ceiling to choose the marble for flooring is not an easy task. Choosing the correct marble for flooring is very important as marble is a very durable and beautiful stone as it stays in the same condition for a longer period.

Marble is used for building materials for building/home architecture looks and finishes. Selecting marble at a particular budget can be a daunting task for the end-user. Below we plan to attempt to make your life simpler by giving you tips for Marble Selection.

Top 5 Unique Tips for marble selection

If you are planning to install marble this beautiful stone you will fall in love with it and the best part about it is its shininess and attractiveness. So here are the tips to keep in mind while selecting the marble.

marble quarry

1. Understanding the natural qualities of marble

Marble is a unique natural stone that has been in use for quite a long time. Each type of marble is different from one another, it depends upon

what type of marble you are buying is fulfilling your motive or not.

Choosing marble that is waterproof and heatproof and it is a long-lasting stone that provides an elegant look to any interior of the room. 

Marble can be sealed to protect the stone surface, but hard water deposits can stain even sealed marble surfaces therefore to protect the marble, sealed marble needs to be resealed once in a while.

2. Deciding where the marble is going to be used 

Choosing the marble where you will be going to install it is the main step. Try to avoid the marble for countertops as it is made of carbonate material, it is reactive with acids like those found in fruit juice, coffee, soda alcohol.

If marble comes in contact with the acid, etching will start to occur, thereby leaving a dull, light-colored spot on the surface of the stone. Although sealing will protect the surface from stains, it will not prevent itching making it difficult to work surface areas.

3. Calculate the size of your areas

First of all, you need to calculate the size of your flooring, cladding, countertop, where you will install the stone with its perfect finishing. 

4. Select the Proper marble color

The marble color you will be choosing should be according to the Setup and match of your interior. As marble comes in a range of tones like white, blue, gold, green, red, grey, brown, black. The natural design in the stone compliments the design elements. Professional designers recommend using the color shade of marble countertops which is similar to the color of your floors and walls. 

Panda White Marble

5. Determining your Budget 

Determining the budget of the marble will be your choice as the cost varies from place to place. Factors that affect your budget can be the size of the marble, design patterns, shipping charges, sealing, and fitting.

Before selecting the marble, inspect each slab to eliminate the chances of any damage like cracks, cuts, spots, holes, scratches, etc, hence enhancing the chances of getting the best quality marble at your home.

Marble can be a good choice for WALL TILES AND CLADDING than for kitchen countertops.

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