12 Most Popular Natural Stones in The Middle East

The Middle East a developed region in the Asian Continent. It is a regularly growing region with hundreds of Infrastructure projects growing on. There is a very high demand for Indian Granite, Indian Sandstone and Indian Marble in the Middle East. Following are 12 Most Popular Natural Stones in the Middle East

Most Popular Marble in the Middle East

Marble is used for Flooring, Wall Cladding, Kitchen Countertops and backsplash tiles. The marbles from India are one of the most used material in the Middle Eastern Countries. Indian Marbles are strong, elegant and most beautiful colored marble in the world. Following is the list of Popular marbles from India, which are popular in the middle east.

Green Marble / Verde Guatemala Marble

The Green Marble or popularly known as Verde Guatemala Marble in the Middle East is the most popular marble in the Middle East. Quarries of green marble are in the Rajasthan State. You can use Green marble in making flooring and wall cladding big area. It is used in many iconic buildings throughout the Middle East. You can buy Green Marble in slabs and tiles sizes. You can also use Green Marble in Kitchen Tops and wall cladding.

Indian White Marble

White Marble from India is a collection of different types of white marble available in Udaipur and Rajnagar Area. You can use white marble in making floors and wall cladding. This is also suitable for large area flooring. The White marble from India is used in the famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque. There are much other iconic building which has used premium white marble from India.

You can buy white marble is 60×30 and 60×60 or random slabs. This is a popular choice for flooring uses.

Rainforest Brown Marble

The premium quality Rainforest Brown marble is a popular choice for wall cladding and bathroom tile. This is such a unique marble from India. The brown background is intersected by beautiful darker brown and maroon veins. Rainforest Brown marble is more popular in Turkey than in other middle eastern countries.

You can buy slabs and tiles in Rainforest marble from us. We make slabs in 2 and 3 cm thickness. We can also supply you tiles in different dimensions and thickness.

Rainforest Gold Marble

The Rainforest Gold marble is a golden shed marble from Bidasar area. This is quarried with the Rainforest Brown and Green Marble. Rainforest Gold is used for wall cladding and monuments. This is the most beautiful gold marble. The Rainforest Gold Marble is popular in finishes such as Polished and Brushed (Antique), which are used as bathroom tiles and wall cladding in the indoor area.

You can use Rainforest Gold marble in making wall cladding, Kitchen tops. We do not recommend you to use as flooring.

Jaisalmer Gold Marble

Jaisalmer Gold Marble is another popular gold marble from India, which has wide acceptance in the Middle Eastern market. This marble can be used in different forms and finishing. Many middle eastern palaces have used this marble as the basic material for palaces and forts. The Jaisalmer gold marble has different types of finishing available such as honed, polished, bush hammered and sandblasted.

Apart from the above marbles from India, there are many other colors such as Rainforest Green Marble, Mercury White Marble, Fantasy Brown Marble which are ganing popularity in the Middle East market. You can browse all Indian Marble by following this link.

Browse the full Collection of Indian Marble

  • Opal White Marble


Indian Granite, without any argument, are the most beautiful and popular granite in the world. India is a big country and it produces a variety of granite in different colors at different locations. Indian Granite are used for flooring, kitchen countertops, wall cladding, big area flooring and making monuments. The Middle East mostly buy following Indian Granites :



The Black Galaxy Granite is perhaps the most popular Indian Granite in the Middle East. The Granite has a wide popularity all over the middle east. You can use the Black Galaxy in making Kitchen Countertops, Wall Tiles, Flooring Tiles, Bathroom Tiles, Elevation and Table Tops. The Black Galaxy granite has a huge demand in the Middle East. Generally, people prefer to buy Big Size slabs in this material, but small slabs and 60×30 tiles are also very much in use.


Absolute Black Granite or Premium Black Granite is most used granite in the world. This is a solid black granite. The Absolute Black is widely used as Kitchen Countertops all over the world. The dark granite makes the kitchen very beautiful. There are many other uses for this granite such as wall cladding, large area flooring etc. The Absolute Black and Medium Black Granite are used in commercial and residential uses. This granite is very much flexible and it can adjust in any color theme due to its solid black color. This is why this is the most selling granite in the Middle East as well.


The Crystal Yellow Granite is a popular choice for large area commercial project and large area flooring in the Middle East. This material is very consistent and uniform. There are many large projects going on in the Middle East where Crystal Yellow Granite is very much used. The most popular size of this beautiful granite is 60×30 and staircases. This looks fabulous in Kitchen Countertops as well. You can buy slabs and tiles in Crystal Yellow Granite for different types of uses.


Tan Brown is undoubtedly one of the best brown granite in the world. The dark brown and tan color granite is used for making Kitchen Countertops and flooring. This granite is a very consistent and uniform granite for projects. Tan Brown granite is used in big malls, shopping complex, and residential complex. The touch and feel of this granite are very premium, however, it is a medium to low price granite. The popular sizes are 60×30 and small slabs in 1.8 cm thickness.

There are many Indian Granites such as Colonial White Granite,  River White Granite, Platinum White Granite, and Rosy Pink Granite, which are popular in the middle east market. You can browse our collection by the following link.

Browse the collection of Indian Granite Colors


Sandstone are used for outdoor flooring, wall elevation, bathroom tiles and swimming pool flooring. Indian Sandstone are very popular in the Middle East region. Many projects involve sandstone as preferred outdoor flooring due to the properties of these materials. Following are the Sandstone popular in the Middle East market :



Dholpur Beige is a premium quality low price sandstone from India. This sandstone is a popular choice for wall cladding and garden fencing in Villas, Hotels Resort and Residential. This Dholpur Beige Sandstone is beige in color and gives the Royal feel. The popular sizes are 56×56, 40×40, 60×30, 30×30 in the Dholpur Beige Sandstone.


The Rainbow Sandstone is another popular Sandstone from India. This sandstone is mostly used in indoor wall cladding and poolside flooring. The nature of this stone makes the floors nonslippery. The Rainbow Sandstone comes in different sizes and with sawn and honed finishing (mat finished). This is a popular sandstone in the Middle East market. This is used for big residential and commercial projects.


Teakwood Sandstone is a beautiful woodlike Sandstone. The quarries of Sandstone are located near the Rainbow Sandstone. The properties of both these sandstones are the same. The Teakwood sandstone comes in the colors yellow and gold. Just like Rainbow Sandstone, you can use this material in poolside flooring, wall cladding and bathroom tiles.

You can find more Sandstone from India by following below link.

Browse the collection of Indian Sandstone

You can buy these popular Indian Stones from us in different dimensions and thickness as per your use. The Middle East comprises the following countries :

  • Bahrain
  • Cyprus
  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Kuwait
  • Lebanon
  • Oman
  • Palestine
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • Turkey
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Yemen
  • Dholpur Beige Sandstone
  • teakwood sandstone

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