Top 5 Trending Natural Stones At Flodeal

Have you ever wondered, Why do all property owners love natural stones?

Well, the answer lies in the intrinsic qualities of natural stones like granite tile, marble slab. Homeowners get every quality they desire in a single material. They get the best beauty and highest functionality.

Whether it is the soft marble tiles or sturdy granite floor tiles, each stone can stay young and long for decades. They can withstand high temperatures, dirt, stains, pressure, and many more. So, you get the beauty of the natural stone with low maintenance at cost-effective prices.

At Flodeal, one of the direct manufacturers and exporters of the best natural stone tiles. granite suppliers and marble suppliers.

Top 5 trending Natural stones preferred by the Flodeal

They are frequently being preferred by homeowners and property owners across the world. Discover our trending natural stone in the read ahead. You would find your choice!

Black Galaxy Granite Star Galaxy

One of the most popular granite from India. This natural stone has a dark black background with small gold and silver flecks which gives it a look of stars in the sky. This stone is also called Star Galaxy Granite. It is a durable stone used for making kitchen countertops, wall tiles flooring, and making center tables. It is one of the most popular black stones for making Kitchen Countertops. Those people love to decorate their interiors with a bold color such as black. It can be used anywhere to dazzle your space.

This is an Indian yellow granite. The background of this granite is between cream and peach yellow, with black flowers in the foreground. The quarries of crystal yellow are in the Indian State of Gujarat. This is one of the most consistent granite colors in terms of uniformity. This quality makes it highly recommended in making large granite floors, big residential projects, and Kitchen countertops. It is also a very hard stone, which takes very good polishing. You can use this granite in large-scale residential and commercial projects. This is the best choice for both interior and exterior applications.

Crystal Yellow Granite
Imperial White Granite

It is a white natural stone from India. The background of this material is white with a pink tone and the foreground has thin black and grey veins. The color of this white granite is very elegant and it can be fit with any other color. |Imperial white also takes incredibly good polishing due to its high strength and hardness. This is a strong material and highly resistant to scratches, heat, and dust, which makes it an ideal choice for Kitchen Countertops. It is useful for both interior and exterior applications.

It is an Indian Green Marble. The origin of this marble is Udaipur, Rajasthan. It is popularly known as Verde India Marble. This is an affordable premium marble and very popular in Europe, North Africa, the Russian Federation, and the Middle East. The darker shed is a very popular material in Asian countries such as Indonesia and Thailand. This Marble is unique to India. 

Flodeal Inc. produces this green marble in slabs, tiles, countertops, Tables, steps risers, and other specialized project cutting.

It’s a beautiful serpentine marble from India. Sometimes people get confused about the nature of this marble and call it Rainforest Brown Granite. Quarries of this marble are at the Bidasar tehsil in Rajasthan. The quarry area is in between desert land.

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