Granite Varieties in Bangalore are the granite which is produced in Bangalore and nearby area such as Jigni, Banergatta, Hosur, shoolgiri, Anekal etc.. There is a very large area where different types of Granite are manufactured. There are hundreds of quarries situated near Bangalore. Granite is being produced in this area for a long time. We make and export granite from Bangalore. Following are the sizes available in d Granite Varieties in Bangalore :


  • Granite slabs are available in Big Jumbo size Gang Saw cut slabs and small cutter size slabs. These slabs are cut in 2 cm to 15 cm in thickness. Both countertop slabs and big size slabs have different types of uses.


  • All granite available in Bangalore is cut into tiles as well. The tiles are available in 1 cm, 2 cm, and 3 cm size. The general size of tile is 60x30x2 cm, 610x305x10 mm, 40x40x2 cm, 40x40x1 cm and 60x60x2 cm / 1 cm.

Granite Memorials / Monuments

  • Bangalore has specialized factories to make Memorials and Monuments in the thickness of 4 cm to 15 cm. These Memorials are made in mostly Black, Blue, and Brown Colors. The memorials are made in the state of the art plants. General size of Monuments and Memorials is 100×80, 95×75, 90×70, 100×200 in 2,3,4,6,8,10 cm.

Countertops from Bangalore

  • Recently we have started making countertops from granite available in Bangalore. We make countertops on specialize cutting machines with automated polishers and edge profiling machines.

We have following Granite varieties in Bangalore available :