Granite for Flooring

Granite is very useful dimension stone for flooring use. The Granite floors are hard, good polished and with beautiful pattrens. Following sizes are used of granite for flooring :

Slab of Granite for Flooring

Slab of granite are very much useful for premium flooring on large area. The granite are bookmatched polished so architect can draw new and beautiful pattern. This type of flooring is recommended for luxury home, private areas. This type of flooring is a bit expensive.

Tiles of Granite for Flooring

Granite tiles in the size of 60x60x2,3 cm, 60x30x2,3 cm , 40x40x2,3 cm can be used for flooring. The color of granite should be similar pattern like flowery pattern or plain pattern. These tiles are very cheap if you compare with the big size slabs. This types of flooring can be used in budget houses, big commercial buildings, public places.

Granite colors for flooring

We have following colors available for flooring use in tiles as well as slabs :